Sunday, February 8, 2015

As my son rides.............

8 months ago, on May 2014, Om started his riding career. Though it was introduced to him by us but he got into it so naturally that he could never come out of it. It seems he is just born for riding. He dreams horse, draws horse and even runs like a horse showing all the four types of movement of a horse.

So after 8 months he was sent for the IDL tournament held at Tolly Club for the dressage category of Children-III. There were four candidates. After school when he reached the venue, he was more calm than us.

Apart from Om all the other candidates got disqualified. Only Om completed his course successfully and properly and that also on a jumping horse not ideal for dressage. He was unofficially declared the gold medalist. Then came the last moment entries. The Tolly Club candidate had to become the gold medalist. So astride a very good horse the disqualified rider came for a second chance. That was not enough.  A candidate of Children-II who was incapable of completing his own course made an entry in Children-III even having years and years of experience. 
So now Om is the Bronze Medal winner which is equivalent to Gold to us. Hip Hip Hurrah!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Raya is 4

Raya turns 4. She writes, she sings, she dances and what not.

Due to the circumstances we could not throw a party but she had earned her party on her own.
We ordered an Angry bird cake and arranged for angry bird return back gifts for her fellow students in her class as well as Om's class. She celebrated her birthday in her school with all the love and blessings of her teachers.

In the evening we went to watch "Ek Tha Tiger" casting her favourite actor "Bodyguard".

Everything went nicely and my darling baby was happy with her birthday. Thats all that matters to us.

SD Memory card

I had always had a defficiency of memory. Nowadays memory has become really cheap and easily available be it for cell or pc. An idea struck me. Why cant I use an external memory to compensate my short memory. As a result I delivered Raya, my SD memory card. Anything I need to remember I feed into her and she reminds me on time.

Yesterday evening after having milk she wanted to have Maggi. I told her that she wanted Maggi for tiffin so I will make it for tiffin. She also wanted to have 'phucka'. To avoid that I told her to tell her father to take us all to beautified Riverside tomorrow to have phuchka.
Today in the morning I got up late due to lack of sleep... could not decide what to do.... started to make their tiffin with bread and egg.....
At that time Raya wakes up and walks into the kitchen.
Raya: "You told that you will make Maggi for my tiffin". There she solved my problem of searching for an easy and hasslefree tiffin.
A few minutes later my husband walks in.
Husband: "Raya is telling me to take all of you to the riverside for phuchka and baloon shooting in the evening."

There she reminds  again. Isnt she a true memory card.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Where am I?

Really dont know......... where am I ?

My life seems to spin around the daily chores and my tiredness and body aches.
Cant sort out where I am going wrong....

Om is also going through a very difficult phase juggling schools and swimming. I pity him but cant stop that. That is for his benefit only.
In the process I seem to neglect Raya.
My family life is also getting jeopardized by my in-laws.

In short....... in a mess.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Latest Update

After ages I am writing again. I have lost the flow of writing.

But still to continue I will put down the facts.

Raya has started her preschool from this January.
Om and Raya goes to school together hand in hand which is a pleasant sight for all the guardians and school staff at the gate.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

At 3 a busy bee

Om turned 3 this March. All the time busy with his toys but he hardly uses the toy the right way.... uses his big gun to hit the ball, throws his small cars, and bangs everything on everything. We trying hard to put some sense in him... At least he has learnt to uses the puzzle pieces rightly.
He forgets to eat, sleep, go to the loo once he sarts playing.

We arranged a birthday party for him at the Mc Donalds from 4:30-6:30p.m. The party was a great hit as much more kids turned up than expected(about 20). The theme was Spiderman. So he had a spiderman cake, spiderman khoi bag, and spiderman return gifts. McDonalds people played 2 games. The kids really seemed to enjoy their hearts out.

We got him a big car with blocks shared by Nanny, an army truck, a pair of spiderman shoes, opposites puzzles and the birthday dress. He got a gun and a remote controlled car from his Mum, 3 formula 1 cars and a T-shirt from his Pimpim.

Raya got her first doll which cries and laughs from Mum and a little buggy to carry the doll from Nanny.

We also got them a huge fun cottage where both of them crawls in and spends a lot of time.
So now our house has itself become a toy house.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A quick update on Raya

Raya will be one this 22nd.
She got her first tooth on her 10th month and is having her second one now, but very strong gums... tries to break walnut shell with them...
She started crawling on her 8th month....
Stood up with support by 9th month...
Stands without support by 11th month...
Stepping one foot without support by the beginning of her 12th month...
Started on fish... She does not require smashed food... Hand grind is alright with her...
Wants to have Om's food, rather than her own...
She has learnt to chew whereas Om still wants to swallow all his food...
Takes down all the books of Om and points on them with her show finger and blabbers on...
She is always after the toys Om is playing with even if she gets a thrashing from her big brother...
She has got a very good grip and aims. snatches away at the right moment when no one is ready ...
Accompanies Om to his school...
Previously She was very introvert. not communicating with strangers.... now she smiles to every unknown, truck drivers, hawkers, etc., inviting smiles in return. She has opened up a lot.